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Benefits of Time Banking

Joining Rushey Green Time Bank has many benefits, for you, your community and your own health and wellbeing.


Here are some of the benefits as described by our members, based on the five ways to wellbeing.



  • Socialise

  • Feel welcome

  • Meet new people

  • Build connections and friendships

  • Drive away loneliness

  • Prevent isolation

  • Find a sense of friendship


Be active

  • Keep using your skills and talents

  • Be motivated to get and stay active in the community

  • Good exercise for your brain and body!


Take Notice

  • Improve and exchange skills

  • Have fun

  • take you mind off your problems

  • improve your mental health 



  • Help others

  • Give and take



  • Learn new skills

  • Go on trips and learn/experience things you don’t usually do


“After first finding out that the time bank existed, and what it was, it seemed like a good way to get more involved with the local community, meet like-minded people, and generally get more involved in (what I have now discovered) is a thriving local community” Member feedback.

Read more about what our members think about Rushey Green Time Bank and the benefits of getting involved in our Appreciative Inquiry report and our Appreciative Poetry booklet.
My Timebanking Exchange Experience

"As a member of the Time Bank I had first-hand experience of receiving the personal touch to my house. As a disabled member, I was very grateful to have a fellow timebanker offer their services of tidying up my home. She delivered that personal touch with care and attention, and along the way we had a good natter too.
I realise this service is invaluable to all, as we share our skills and services in
the community. It’s a worthwhile scheme and the people that I have met to date all share the same qualities such as care and consideration. I hope that I too can be of benefit to others out there and hope that the service continues in leaps and bounds."

RGTB Time Bank Member

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact on 020 7138 1772 or by emailing

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