Our Values


Our Values at the Time Bank are aimed at creating a welcoming, enjoyable experience and a safe environment for all. It ensures that all members know what behaviour they have a right to expect from one another when participating in time bank skills exchange. Our members agree to the following set of values on joining:

  • Treat people equally and with respect regardless of race, nationality, culture, gender, sexuality, disability, religion or age.


  • Provide a safe environment by not harming anyone in any way, whether through discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment, physical force, verbal or mental abuse, neglect or other harmful actions i.e. violence, swearing, inappropriate behaviour and language of an offensive manner.


  • Show courtesy for all Time Bank employees and participants. Aim to keep all appointments or to promptly inform all concerned when an appointment cannot be kept.


  • Respect and maintain privacy of all the people involved in the Time Bank. Do not call or visit the home of another member without their express invitation.


  • Respect the home and property of other members and organisations.


  • Recognise that your time is voluntary and not to accept money or gifts as compensation.


  • Have fair and realistic expectations of the Time Bank and what its members can provide – i.e. be aware that your requests may not always be fulfilled.


  • Avoid pressuring another member to either give or receive time against their will. All requests should be mediated via the Community Projects Lead

Timebanking Exchange Guidelines

We have developed a set of guidelines for members wishing to participate in one-to-one skills exchange. You can download a copy of these guidelines here.


For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Community Projects Lead on 07544996722 or by emailing info@rgtb.org.uk


Rushey Green Time Bank, registered Charity No. 1101616. 

A company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales. Registration No. 4681564.

Registered address. Rushey Green Time Bank, Rushey Green Group Practice, Hawstead Road, London SE6 4JH