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What Our Individual Members Say

What videos about what our individual members have to say about Lewisham Time Banks.

Theresa talks time banking

Theresa has been a member of Rushey Green Time Bank since 2012.  Hear what she thinks about time banking.


Amy talks time banking

Amy is new to Time Banking and one of our youngest members.  Hear what she thinks about Time Banking.

What Our Organisational Members Say

What videos about what our stakeholders and organisational members have to say about Lewisham Time Banks.

Gary Buswell talks time banking

As a project manager with Bellingham Community Project, working on the Well London programme, Gary has been working with Lewisham Time Banks since 2013.

Community Connections talks time banking

Members of the Community Connections team talk to us about how time banking has benefited their clients and supported their work in Lewisham.

Fun with Lewisham Time Banks

Watch videos of what members have gotten up to at past events.

2014 Christmas Party

Whith thanks to Marcel Bird Wieteska for making this video.

Do Something Brilliant

A film about Time Banking in the UK, produced by the Media Trust for The Community Channel and Time Banks UK in November 2015.

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