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Read on to find out what members think of the Time Bank, why they joined and what they have exchanged. You can also read more about our members' timebanking experiences on the Members' Blog page.

You can read our new guidelines for skills exchanges here.

Sheila’s Story

I have been a member of the time bank for approximately 12 years.  Not always at Rushey Green though.  I used to go somewhere in Surrey Quays.  A friend asked me if I would like to go to a poetry group, but it was two buses away.  I attended a poetry day at an event in Covent Garden and met Shelley (Former RGTB Broker), and she said "Why are you travelling all the way to Surrey Quays, why aren't you coming to Rushey Green?" And that was it.


I think the poetry group was the first thing that I did with RGTB.  Then I joined Bees poetry and performing arts group with RGTB.  That was excellent!  Then the Wednesday group started up, tea and chat.  The first week I was there on my own.  Then Sue turned up and it grew from there.  I started baking cakes for Nexus and then started helping Philippe in the garden, planting beans and helping the clients there.  I just used to go in when I was passing and help out.


I have had help with my garden.  To say Jim is not a gardener would be an understatement, but he was very willing and I've had the garden landscaped so I didn't need much doing.  Sometimes I would ask him if he just had time to pop in but he has a very busy lifestyle.  He phones me in the week and he'll leave me a message just to say “Hi, hope you're good and I have some time over the weekend". He came over on Saturday, had a coffee and spent about an hour in the garden.  He travels a lot so he always has something interesting to talk about.


I visit people in Hospital, especially Anne.  I would say that we are friends and I've helped her as much as I could.  She's pretty settled now.  I would say that she and I are close.


One of the most important things for me is the community garden (Wild Cat Wilderness).  I had wanted to join in some time ago, but the path was unsafe at the time so I made a donation instead.  Now I go along and I join in with painting and planting.  I met sweet little Olive whom I love to bits.  I was walking down the path, holding Robert’s arm and I heard "Sheila, Sheila" and she threw her arms around me and it was so nice as we had only just met the one time in the past. 



Rushey Green Member



Lillian's Story

I joined the time bank to learn more skills and to make new friends and to help people.  I've been giving out leaflets at the food bank and I'm helping Simone give out leaflets at the Bellingham health fair on Saturday. If someone wanted to join the time bank I would say the best person to talk to is Simone or Stephen ( Time Bank member).


I would like to do more travelling around.  Stephen told me I should book on the trip to Greenwich.  I wanted to go to the cinema, but my sister didn't want me to come home that late.  Next time we are going to go in the day. 


Simone is a good advisor and newsletter writer.  I also thing Sabrina from Community Connections is nice.  She brought me to the time bank.  I think Juliet is excellent too.  She is also a member and I met her the first time I came to the glass Mill drop in.



Downham Member 



Patricia’s Piece

Hello everyone.  My name is Patricia and I joined the time bank in February.  I was introduced to Time Banking by Sabrina from Community Connections, she’s a lovely girl.  I’ve met some lovely people like Stephen, Natalie, Lillian and Simone.


I started earning credits the day after I joined by going to Downham food bank with Simone and Lillian and telling people there about time banking.  More people joined that night.  I was knackered by the time I got home.  I’ve also been going to the drop in at the Glass Mill Leisure Centre from 12.30-2.30pm every Wednesday.  I don’t remember every week, but sometimes Simone gives me a call and reminds me.


I’d really like to meet more people who live near me, in Lewisham and get involved in more stuff so come and meet me at the leisure centre some time.  I’d also like to meet people who would like to meet up from time to time and just have a nice cup of tea.  I must be good company because Simone says I really make her laugh and she loves spending time with me.  She’s popped over for a drink and a chat a few times.  She’s promised to come over for another catch up before she goes on holiday.



Lewisham Park Member



Sarah - Bellingham

How long have you been a member?

I joined in May 2013.


What are the top three reasons why you are a member?

· It looked good, it’s a good idea. 

· I was interested in volunteering already.

· It’s rewarding.


What skills have you exchanged?

So far I have helped to run the Bellingham Time Bank and the Bring and Fix event in May.


What is your favourite memory / experience of timebanking?

I loved the volunteering event at the Olympic Park although it was a really hot day.


I love timebanking because….

So far it’s just started, just wait till we’ve done more!



Kofi’s Story (9)

I found out about time banking through Rosa, who works for Community Connections.  What made me decided to join was the fact that I wanted to get out and about and because I was being a little dependent.  I needed a change of direction and instead of being dependent I felt I wanted to become independent.


With the time bank I’ve been playing a range of games and helping them organise a ‘Meet and Greet’ at Crofton Park Library.  That event at Crofton Park Library was excellent.  There was a range of foods, it was in a big space, I got to greet different people and I got to relax with Simone.


I would like somebody to accompany me to do some walking, help to decorate my new room, when the builders have finished and possibly hold the, not oversized, TV while the brackets are put in place.


My overall thoughts about the time bank are that it’s a very good way

of exchanging ideas to gain credits.



Crofton Park



Roselyn's Story (10)

I found about time banking at Sydenham Community Library.  I met a lady called Simone and she told me about it. 


When the Library celebrated their birthday I was there to help with the decoration of the library with some balloons and some ribbons.  I have also been involved in the craft work that has been done with the children every Thursday.  It has ben a privilege to be involved.  I get to meet other people and other children.  I come to the club with my children and they always enjoy coming.  They always remind me to go to the library on a Thursday because aunty Simone will be waiting.  They are the ones that made me go to the library.


I would love to learn about the sewing that Simone told me about, but I have not seen it yet.  Time banking, for me is about helping others, not getting back.


So far so good, I am enjoying time banking and seeing aunty Simone.  I want to bring her to church very soon, but she keeps telling me that Sunday is a day for sleeping.






Stephen’s Story (15)

I’ve been a member of the time bank since May 2013.  I was introduced to time banking by Lisa, a member of staff at Heart and Soul, at the Albany in Deptford.  The Time Bank helps me with my partner, Natalie.  It has helped us to find people to spend time with my partner while I participate in actives I enjoy.


I’ve also done gardening, helped out with stewarding at event like Rushey Green Festival and Lewisham Peoples Day and other things that keep my brain working.  That makes me feel much more lively, like I can take on the world.  I like the company of other members.  They are nice kind and polite people.  Since I’ve been a member I’ve introduced others to the programme too, including my partner, her dad and other friends.


I intend to go on more trips with the Time Bank, as I enjoy going out.  I’m also starting a new gardening club at the 2000 centre in Deptford.  I’m also willing to help other members with their gardens, as long as they have the right tools.  Just let Simone know and she can put us in contact with each other.



Christine’s Story (19)

I can't remember how we found out about Time Banking.  I think it was through Joan who worked for another local organisation at the time.  Since we've (Sydenham Community Library) been with the time bank members have helped clear stocks and things and done some handy work within the library.  Another member has decorated the library for community events. 


The Library has offered meeting space to the Time Bank and the family craft group also happens here every Thursday.  We’ve also had a Halloween party, Valentines fair and are planning an International Women’s day event to be held at the library from 1-3pm on Friday 6th March.  A lot of our volunteers have also become time bank members.  We also offer support to parents when they come in.  Two members run the craft sessions with the children from 4-5pm on Thursdays and parents exchange skills in the other room.


I'd like to see more members using the library space to help some of the disadvantaged people that come into the library.  it's so lovely that there is no money involved in Time Banking.  that's when the genuine people come through.  if you have a strong network you will never feel alone.  it's not taking business away from the economy when it's helping people with no money anyway.


Christine Masters

Sydenham Community Library Manager


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