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We hope that you get all the information you need from our site, whether it be about joining us or learning a bit more about Time Banking in General.

Our vision is to achieve a cohesive community in the Rushey Green area, where neighbours know neighbours and can rely on each other for help and support. Where people of different ages, cultures, backgrounds and abilities interact with each other on an equal footing and with mutual respect and understanding.

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The Aim of Time Banking

Time Banking is a community development tool and works by facilitating the exchange of skills and experience within a community. It aims to build the 'core economy' of family and community by valuing and rewarding the work done in it. Time Banking values everyone's time as equal, 1 hour equals 1 hour, or 1 credit. For every hour you spend helping someone in your community you are entitled to an hour of help in return. All manner of skills are recognised from walking with someone to baking a cake.

"Timebanking is for a community where everyone is respected and valued."

Timebank Member: Hamida


How Time Banking works diagram.

Our Mission

To empower the residents of Catford (including but not exclusively the patients of the Rushey Green Group Practice) to improve their own health and sense of well-being, and thus improve the health of the Catford community as a whole.

By the principles of co-production, valuing people and recognising them as assets, Rushey Green Time Bank is commited to increasing the 'core economy', those aspects of family and community that through reciprocity, equity, trust, love and care for each other generate wellbeing to sustain the human family. As one one kind of kindness leads to another, the core economy grows through a chain reaction caused by healthy and productive relationships that bind us together and provide a strong incentive to care for our planet.

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Founders Award

London Health Commission Award

Sustainable City Award

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Other projects by members of the Time Bank

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Diary Dates

Tea and Chat: Every Wednesday except the last Wednesday of every month. 2pm-4pm in room 21 at the Rushey Green Group Practice.

Drop in Coffee Morning: Last Wednesday of every month. 10.30 - 11.30am at the M-Eating Place, 127 Rushey Green, earn 1 credit for attending.

Poetry Group: Second Friday of Every Month. 10.30 - 12.30 upstairs in room 22 at the RGGP surgery, cost 2 time credits.

Walking Group: Every Thursday at 11am for an hour's walk around Ladywell Fields; meet with other walkers at 10.50am near the Cafeteria inside the main reception at Lewisham Hospital.

Chair Based Exercises: Every Tuesday from 9.30 - 10.30am. Upstairs in room 21 at the Rushey Green Group Practice surgery, cost 1 time credit.