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Due to a leak in our building Timebank groups are currently meeting at CommUNITY Space, Unit 17 Lewisham shopping centre- please view group page for timings- 22/05/2024

What is Time Banking? 

Time Banking works by facilitating the exchange of skills and experience within a community.  Time Banking values everyone's time as equal, 1 hour equals 1 hour. For every hour you spend helping someone in your community you are entitled to an hour of help in return. Help can be in many forms - performing practical tasks, befriending someone, running errands, gardening, running a class. It builds social networks of people who give/receive support from each other, enabling people from different backgrounds to come together and form connections and friendships.

Rushey Green Time Bank 

Rushey Green Time Bank started 20 years ago and has developed a number of different projects that you can discover on this website and more so if you can get involved!

Our Community! 

Our Time Bank is a community of diverse people who can find a project or a space where they can spend time and share skills with others as they wish. Whilst the exchange of skills is a core aspect of time banking, our members are often in the time bank for the relationships and shared experiences of belonging, and feeling useful and valued in the projects and activities they partake in. By getting involved, our members help shape the ethos and values of the time bank.

How to Join

1. Complete our short online application form with hOurworld or give us a call on 07434086639 or 0208 4889 224

2. Provide two character references and attend an upcoming new members' induction

3. Once you've completed the application process, you will have access to our online timebanking platform hOurworld to start exchanging time and skills! Active members are eligible to receive a Lewisham Local card.

Take a look at our new members' journey map

Help the Time Bank

Make a one off or monthly donation to Rushey Green Time Bank and help us to continue our work.

By Direct Debit

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